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HP selects GoProto to Deliver Multi Jet Fusion Parts to a Hungry Market

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HP selects GoProto to Deliver Multi Jet Fusion Parts to a Hungry Market

The Future of Manufacturing Begins Today

Access to the revolutionary new Additive Manufacturing technology HP Multi Jet Fusion is now available through GoProto, a quick-turn manufacturing services provider that serves entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 global manufacturing companies with prototyping and short run production.

HP has applied its renowned 2D printing expertise into its groundbreaking 3D printing process to reinvent how products are designed and produced. HP selected GoProto as a premier foundational partner to produce prototypes and functional end-use parts for customers throughout the United States and Canada due to their significant industry expertise and customer solutions orientation.

HP Jet Fusion Printing Solution

  • QUALITY Unmatched part features: isotropic builds deliver increased strength, durability, precision and improved finishes.
  • SPEED Unrivaled production rates and increased parts per build volumes. Faster cooling times with superior part integrity.
  • INNOVATION Open Platform for material development and voxel-level (think 3D pixel) engineering allowing for true mass customization.

While Multi Jet Fusion technology significantly improves the ability to create stronger, faster and more precise prototypes, its more important application may lie in production. The rapid build and cooling process has the potential to replace the need for tooling in many cases, opening up the possibility for true on-demand manufacturing that the industry has been seeking for decades.

Multi Jet Fusion fits perfectly into GoProto’s adaptable model, delivering quick-turn evaluation prototypes during the design phase or more sustained end-use parts through contract manufacturing – it all depends on the customers’ requirements.

The technology itself is remarkable. The powerful fusion process is achieved by applying heat to an entire layer of Nylon 12 particles simultaneously. While it may seem counterintuitive, this means that less intense heat is applied to each single powder granule, resulting in less violent, higher quality fusion of the material. Legacy technologies, such as SLS, can’t produce the same level of strength or finish.

HP selects GoProto to Deliver Multi Jet Fusion Parts to a Hungry Market“We’ve never seen an additive technology like this in our 25+ years in the business. The level of part precision and strength allows us to serve customers in ways previously unavailable, and at much faster lead times. GoProto couldn’t be more excited to partner with a company like HP to deliver the future of manufacturing to our customers’ hands today.”
– Jesse Lea | President of GoProto

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