Case Studies


3D Scanning – VR Training Simulation

Challenge: To better prepare pilots for flight, they have to pass a unique test involving aircraft faults. These faults are known as Foreign Object Damage (FOD) and simulate real world situations. Using 3D scanning & photogrammetry technology, virtual reality software was provided to RAAF for a training solution.  Read more.

Prototyping – Vacuum Casting
Beeping Cricket Ball for Blind & Visually Impaired.

Challenge: When playing blind cricket the major adaption is the ball. The difficulty of designing a new ball was finding a process of putting an electronic device into a ball that can repeatedly withstand the punishment of a cricket bat and requires keeping the ball at a reasonable weight and size.  Read more


Additive Manufacturing – MJF
3D Printed Zoetrope

Challenge: Designed by Megafun using the charming and cheeky animated characters of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead videogame, the zoetrope required 270 detailed models for ACMI motion picture exhibition.  Read more

3D Printed Sneeze Guard Fittings for buses

Additive Manufacturing – MJF
3D Printed Sneeze Guard Fittings for buses

Challenge: The Covid-19 virus has had an unprecedented impact on society. The healthcare system has borne a disproportionately large share of this disruption and has had to change its protocols and standard operating procedures on-the-fly as providers seek solutions to address new requirements for safety.  In an effort to address the implications for faculty and staff using shared shuttle programs, buses needed to be fitted with custom-made sneeze guards to protect at risk bus drivers and maintain appropriate distancing while travelling.  Read more.

Additive Manufacturing – MJF
3D Printed Music – Maton Guitars Integrating Additive Manufacturing Technology.

Challenge: Established in the early 1940’s, Maton is Australia’s longest running and most successful guitar manufacture.  In recent years, Maton have explored new shapes, materials and specifications through their research and development. One of the outcomes being the integration of Additive Manufacturing with their conventional processes to manufacture a new bridge pin design.  Read more.


Additive Manufacturing – MJF
GoProto’s Digital Warehousing Eliminates Inventory Costs.

Challenge: Ropes Edge is an American start-up company dedicated to supplying innovative safety equipment that protects rope from hazardous abrasive edges used in rescue and rigging systems.
Dirk Dorenbros, owner of Ropes Edge, utilises HP MJF 3D Printing for prototyping and Additive Manufacturing. Based in America, Dirk wanted to expand globally, without incurring distribution and warehouse expenses.  Read more.



Production Parts – Injection Moulding
From Idea to Prototype to Production Parts

Challenge: Modaflex needed to take a working replica to the 800 hospitals that perform knee replacements.  He also needed an efficient path to production.
GoProto helped Modaflex to determine the best method to develop functional prototypes, injection tooling, and injection moulded parts to fit his team’s specifications.  Read more.

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