GoProto Australia Is In Business For One Purpose

to solve your quick-turnaround manufacturing problems

GoProto delivers turnkey manufacturing solutions including 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, cast urethane, CNC machining, sheet metal, injection tooling & moulding, die-casting, and sheet metal, and part finishing to complete your product.

With facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and overseas, we’ll help you navigate through lead time and budgetary variables. We excel in old-fashioned superior customer service and our team of passionate industry experts is here to guide you every step of the way:

  • CUSTOM PROJECT COMMUNICATION: We speak product development
  • COST AND LEAD TIME REDUCTION WHILE OPTIMISING QUALITY: We won’t sacrifice one for the other
  • ON-TIME, INSPECTED AND APPROVED PARTS: Either shipped or delivered in-person
  • REAL-TIME PROJECT UPDATES: Expect no surprises or confusion

Why GoProto?

We are in business to be your partner through every stage of product development and custom manufacturing stages.

As Australia’s largest in-house 3d scanning, 3D printing & additive manufacturing facility, we’re easy to work with and quick to respond, and we’ll guide you to use the best process for your application.

We further fast track the product path-to-market by providing CNC machining, tooling and injection moulding services.  And utilise Design for Manufacture (DFM) principles to achieve the most efficient production costs.

With a project management team operating in our Melbourne headquarters, as well as globally (USA, Shenzhen) we offer tooling and manufacturing services tailored to your development requirements.

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“GoProto’s experience, total solutions-focus, communication and extreme attention to detail were exactly what Emergent needed for the job.” — Paul T. (CEO) – Geelong, VIC
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