The following technical guides are designed to assist you through your asset digitisation, prototyping, tooling and advanced manufacturing services.

3D Scanning

Introduction into 3D scanning, photogrammetry and its applications. Download

3D Printing – MJF Design Guideline

3D printing offers the ability to produce both rapid and viable short run productions. HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D prints quality parts at a much higher speed, and at the lowest cost. MJF-Design-Guide GoProto ANZ

MJF & SLS Mechanical Properties

Maximum operating conditions, such as temperature, tensile strength, tensile modulus, elongation measures, impact strength. Guidelines for SLS & MJF

Mitigating Risk

GoProto excels in supply chain diversification with worldwide capabilities and brick and mortar facilities here in Australia. And, as the 3D printing industry has matured, new technologies, materials and processes have emerged that could be immediately deployed to provide relief within strained supply chains. Mitigating Risk and Creating Adaptability with GoProto ANZ 3D Printing

3D Printing vs. Injection Moulding Plastics

Which one and when?  GoProto specialises in 3D printing prototypes, additive manufacturing and production injection moulding. This guideline is designed to help you understand the processes. 3D printing and plastic injection moulding

Design For Manufacture (DFM) Video Tips

DFM Tip: Designing bosses for injection moulding

DFM Tip: Adding draft to injection mould designed parts

Webinar DFM- Design for manufacture

Video below is the latest webinar created by GoProto’s office in USA (55 minutes).

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“Hey Guys, Hope all is well! I just received the sheet metal parts and assembled them onto the prototype it belongs to and it’s perfect! Just wanted to let you know you guys did a great job!” — Daren Northcotte, Design Engineer – Sydney, NSW
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