Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Low Volume Manufacturing

As advances in materials and speed are made in additive manufacturing technologies, the opportunity to use these processes for low-volume manufacturing is realised. One of the primary benefits of a process like additive 3D printing is generating parts as you need them (just-in-time production).

Parts can be printed digitally, making changes during production possible without incurring delays or tooling modifications. An additional strength of additive 3D printing is the ability to make highly customised parts without the need to modify tooling.


  • Cost-effective with no tooling costs
  • Fast turnaround
  • Design flexibility
  • Previously assembled pieces can now be fabricated as a single part
  • Design alterations on the run, without additional costs

Rapid Prototyping

The use of rapid prototypes allows design teams to validate and test for component fit and function. Meaning better informed decisions and adjustments can be made early in the product development process, to reduce cost and guarantee companies the best product possible, in the shortest time frame. Our rapid prototyping service can supply parts in a matter of days.

Benefits & Applications:

  • Design validation
  • Assessment of fit & function
  • Check snap-fits
  • Communicate design to toolmakers
  • Jigs & fixtures (end-use)
  • Reliable and robust functional prototypes

3D Printing Comparison


Services Available

GoProto AM Service SLS


Powdered nylon is sintered in slices by a high-powered laser to form functional end-use parts.

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GoProto AM Service MJF


End-use parts exhibit isotropic properties in all axes, which translates
to consistent mechanical properties throughout.

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Cost effective technology using production-grade thermoplastics to
build strong, durable and accurate parts.

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GoProto AM Service SLA


An accurate technology commonly used by designers and engineers
for fine detailed and small featured parts.

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GoProto AM Service Figure 4

Figure 4 (DLP)

Accurate parts with high repeatability in a diverse range of robust, production-grade materials for quick turnaround.

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