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Vacuum Casting/Urethane Casting

A bridge between prototyping & production

Silicone Tooling/Vacuum Casting/Plastic Urethane Parts

Vacuum casting in conjunction with silicone tooling is the ideal way to create production quality prototypes and end-use parts. It’s quick and a great way to get high-quality cosmetic and functional parts produced in a production-like materials.

At GoProto, we start the process with a master pattern made using 3D printing or machining depending on tolerance needs. We then use that master to make a silicone rubber mould. We pour liquid urethane material under precise vacuum into the mould. Once the urethane cures the part is removed and finished.

This process is often used for presentation models, prototyping, low-volume production run or replacement components, such as automotive vintage cars.

Because of vacuum casting’s ability to produce parts with textures quickly, it is a process worth investigating. GoProto can make the vacuum moulding and casting process a straightforward experience for you!

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“All 300 sets of MJF parts arrived yesterday morning, several days early! Thank you, everything looks great.” — Ian Lowe (Solar company) – Brisbane, QLD
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