Tooling and Moulding

Tooling & Molding

Quick Turn Metal Tooling

For injection moulded parts in a range of production plastic & elastometric materials

Tooling & Moulding

Turn to GoProto for tooling and moulding. We specialize in extremely quick turn on metal tooling for injection moulded parts in a huge range of production plastic and elastomeric materials. We utilize traditional technologies such as machining and EDM directly from your CAD files to quickly create tool inserts used in our own proprietary mould bases for fast and low volume molds or we create complete custom mould base tools for more complex parts or parts where the overall volume will be higher. GoProto’s expert team will walk you through the process of picking the right type of injection tooling for your project, the best resin to use to mould your parts, the critical dimensions you need checked, and the visual inspection criteria that will help ensure the parts you’ve received so quickly also exceed your quality expectations. Simple to very complex, single material or dual shot, clear or opaque or low to high volume, GoProto will deliver your parts fast with our tooling and moulding solutions!

Get a quote today for all of your metal tooling and injection tooling needs—we are dedicated to the success of your projects!

How does additive manufacturing complement injection moulding? Find out in our free downloadable guide.

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Solutions: Tooling & Molding

“As a start-up business based in Sydney, we needed to work with an experienced and solutions-focus company. We were able to leverage from HP's digital manufacturing network to reduce logistic and supply chain costs. Sydney, NSW.” — Paul (Medical Start-up, Sydney)
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