Presentation Modelling

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Presentation Modelling


Need more than just computer renderings to communicate your design!

At GoProto, we produce presentation models for photo shoots, marketing samples, focus groups, trade shows and company meetings.

These presentation models are created using a combination of processes such as machining, rapid prototyping, cast urethane, cut glass, and painting/finishing to create the look of a beautiful finished product.  The craftspeople at GoProto excel at working with you to take your CAD files and turn them into presentation model that will elegantly convey your design intent to your audience.

We are experienced working with large CAD designs (architecture designs, processing plants, boats…)  and modifying the scale of the data suitable for 3D printing.  Taking special care that all the fine details will be reproduced.

Case Study

“All 300 sets of MJF parts arrived yesterday morning, several days early! Thank you, everything looks great.” — Ian Lowe (Solar company) – Brisbane, QLD
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