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Manufacturing is critical to a strong Australian economy and its future depends on innovation and technology development. To help catalyse the next generation of manufacturing research, development and innovation, we are proposing a new Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Intelligent Manufacturing that will be the country’s largest funder of industry lead research.

The new CRC will focus on collaborative R&D investments embracing next horizon digital and manufacturing technologies, and head towards where Germany and other countries are taking Industry 4.0 with a vision for autonomy, interoperability and sustainability, including through significant development and application of industrial artificial intelligence.

As a valued member of Australia’s manufacturing sector, we invite you to be part of this strategic investment opportunity and become a partner of the CRC to collaborate with other manufacturing businesses, research organisations and government to shape the future of Australian manufacturing.


With the initial phase of the CRC application process closing in August 2021, we want to be direct and to the point about what is involved in becoming a partner of the CRC. Thus, please

1.     Review the attached CRC for Intelligent Manufacturing – Information Brochure which outlines the key investment opportunity as well as the commitment we are looking for from potential CRC partners.

2.     Familiarise yourself with the Partner Contribution Form which summarises a Partner’s cash and in-kind contributions to the CRC. Note, this form needs to be filled out first as it provides the data required to complete the Partner Declaration.

3.     Check the Partner Declaration Form which is a declaration of intent by a partner to confirm to the Commonwealth their intention to participate in the CRC for Intelligent Manufacturing should the CRC application be successful.

All relevant information about participating in a new CRC as well as supporting material about the CRC Program are available on the CRC for Intelligent Manufacturing website (

Draft CRC Term Sheet – overview of the key elements relevant to the governance, management and operations of the proposed CRC for Intelligent Manufacturing. The draft term sheet is not legally binding and will be further refined based on partner feedback in Stage 2 of the CRC Program application process.

CRC Program Guidelines – information on the operation and administration framework of the CRC program including funding rules and eligibility guidelines. As part of the declaration, Partners will have to confirm they have read the guidelines.

Partner Contribution Guidelines – for eligible cash matching and in-kind contributions

CRC Declaration Fact Sheet – information for Round 23 of the CRC program, including at the very end of the document, the purpose of the Partner Declaration and the legal implications.

Partner Contribution and Declaration Examples – examples of how the forms should be filled out. Partners should refer to these examples to ensure the completed and returned forms are compliant with the CRC Program guidelines.

Contact Us

If you are interested in participating in the CRC for Intelligent Manufacturing the Partner Contribution and Declaration Form need to be submitted via email – – to Consulting & Implementation Services (CIS) by 5pm AEST on Wednesday, 11 August 2021.

Jennifer Lieu, Senior Consultant CIS, can assist with any enquiries and support in relation to the Partner documentation, and in general related to the CRC bid process. Her contact details are:

Office:          +61 3 9081 0410 (Admin)
Mobile:         0411 747 977

Please note that whilst the current Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC) is helping prepare this bid, it should be noted that this is an all-new CRC, and not an extension nor re-bid of the current IMCRC which is planned to wind-up in late 2022 on completion of all projects.

We look forward to welcoming you at the information sessions next week and hearing from you as to your potential interest.

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