Grants & Boost Programs

Additive Manufacturing Boost Program

The AM Boost program will fund the 3D printing costs of the first round of prototyping for new products of eligible start-up companies. Capped at $2,000 (ex GST) per company this will give start-ups the boost needed to help them through the commercialisation process.

GoProto ANZ Start-up Boost Program 2020

AM Hub Voucher Program

The aim of the AMTIL Voucher Program is to increase the use of additive manufacturing technologies by Victorian businesses.
The types of projects the Program aims to support is the redesign of existing components for additive manufacturing, or new product development using additive manufacturing technology.
The Voucher program is a dollar for dollar co-matched program with AMTIL subsidising up $20k of your eligible prototyping and manufacturing expenses (exclusive of GST). This is 50% of all eligible costs for a project up to $40,000.
GoProto ANZ is a registered prototyping and manufacturing supplier for the Voucher Program.
Visit their website for details


“Hey Guys, Hope all is well! I just received the sheet metal parts and assembled them onto the prototype it belongs to and it’s perfect! Just wanted to let you know you guys did a great job! Sydney.” — Daren (design engineering company Sydney)
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