Wax Patterns

At GoProto, we use the latest in wax 3D printing to create precise and detailed wax patterns for direct investment casting.
Using VisiJet® M2 ICast RealWax™ 3D printing material, our wax patterns are printed in a high contrast green colour that allows for fine detail visualisation.

Key Benefits

3D Printed wax patterns hold tight tolerances, ideal for complex precision metal components with reduced or no finishing work. Ideal for industrial components, customisable products or jewellery applications.

  • Smooth surfaces
  • Sharp edges
  • Extreme fine details
  • No tooling
  • Accelerates the casting process
  • Delivery in days

Patterns For Investment Casting

Investment casting is a process used for the prototyping and production of metal components.

3D printed wax patterns deliver detailed, cost-effective components in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional alternatives. 3D printed wax patterns provide the highest levels of surface finish required for demanding casting applications.

Quickcast™ is an SLA build style designed to meet the needs of the Investment Casting industry. As an alternative to wax patterns, the QuickCast build style consists of a hollow SLA pattern with an internal hexagonal support structure that reduces the amount of material to burn out.  Ideal for large assemblies, this process provides invaluable shrink and gating information prior to hard tooling.

“I received the MJF housing and they look great! Far better than any 3D printed parts I’ve seen to date. ” — Matthew Cleary, Designer – Sydney, NSW
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