Selective Laser Sintering


SLA Is a laser based additive 3D printing process

Widely regarded as one of the more accurate additive technologies, SLA is commonly used amongst designers and engineers looking for fine detailed, small featured parts.

The process builds parts with a precise UV laser to cure and solidify thin layers of a photo-reactive resin.  Once completed, support structures are removed and parts are hand finished to create a smooth surface finish.

GoProto’s finishing service enables us to add paint, metalising and texture to SLA parts to create highly-cosmetic show models.

Ideal applications for Stereolithography:

CAVEATS: not for production or structural fallibility

SLA Accura 25


ACCURA 25 || NATURAL (OFF WHITE): Produces prototypes that are ideally suited for design verification and limited functional testing. Simulates properties and aesthetics of polypropylene and ABS. 

ACCURA CLEARVUE || CLEAR : Clear SLA plastic for producing rigid parts for bottles, lenses and headlamps.

ACCURA XTREME || GREY: Ultra tough grey plastic to replace CNC-machined polypropylene and ABS articles.

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