Figure 4 (DLP)

Selective Laser Sintering

Figure 4

Figure 4 is a digital light processing (DLP) based additive 3D printing process

With the introduction of Figure 4® technology to GoProto’s family to 3D printing capabilities, we’re amazed at the material range (Shore A & D), robust nature of the parts and the reproduction of fine details.

With excellent mechanical properties and long-term environmental stability, the parts feature a smooth surface finish.  Easy removal of support structures and minimal cleaning minimises the risk of over-sanding.

Ideal applications:

  • Show and tell” models needing smooth surfaces and fine details
  • Design validation of small parts
  • Functional testing snap clips
  • UL94 HB flammability
  • Checking fitment with parts containing threads
  • Customisation and short production runs of small parts (<124 x 70 x 196 mm)



FIGURE 4 PRO-BLK || BLACK: Thermoplastic-like mechanical properties and long-term environmental stability ideal for direct production of small black plastic parts. (Spec sheet)

FIGURE 4 RUBBER065A || BLACK: A mid-tear strength, production-grade rubber combined with Shore 65A hardness and a high elongation at break. (Spec sheet)

“All 300 sets of MJF parts arrived yesterday morning, several days early! Thank you, everything looks great.” — Ian Lowe (Solar company) – Brisbane, QLD
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