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3D printing is becoming one of the most important technologies used by designers and engineers to create more eco-friendly packaging. It provides many opportunities to create new luxury packaging designs which can be evaluated by consumer audiences for aesthetics and by engineers for manufacturability before production – saving considerable waste while helping get products to market faster.

At GoProto, we have a range of 3D printing, traditional machining and moulding processes that accurately replicate CAD designs, so our clients can perform marketing research, photo shoots or test mechanical features like hinges and click force before investing in expensive metal moulds that takes weeks to produce.

Whether it’s rigid, elastomeric, or clear parts, our quality surface finish and accuracy is unparalleled.


In-house 3D Printing technologies include:

SLA (Stereolithography) || Clear & opaque materials
SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) || Functional testing, Low volume production
MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) || Functional testing, Low volume production
Rubber A65 (DLP) || Application: Design validation for rubber parts
Colour 3D Printing || Application: Presentation models

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If you’re not sure which material properties or part finish you need, then give us a call/email or request a free sample. (Sorry, we only deliver free samples within Australia).

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“A big thank you to the team at GoProto. Received the pins and able to get them installed on time. Thanks for your efforts.” — Philip Goodsell, (Manufacturing company) – Melbourne, VIC
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