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At GoProto, our mission is to provide medical manufacturers with the solutions they need for patient care.

For medical device products, prototyping is a critical step in validating a design.  We offer a range of services that provides you with accurate, functional prototypes for product testing and evaluation, or business presentations.

We can further fast track the product path-to-market by providing CNC machining, tooling and injection or compression moulding services.  And utilise Design for Manufacture (DFM) principles to achieve the most efficient production costs.

Our experience within the medical industry includes the supply of:

  • Anatomical models for surgical planning
  • Medical hand-held devices
  • Medical diagnosis equipment
  • Care equipment
  • Sterilisation devices

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As ISO 9001:2015 certified, we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions.  From small and simple to large and complex parts, our customers regularly rely on us for a range of applications.


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“I received the MJF housing and they look great! Far better than any 3D printed parts I’ve seen to date. ” — Matthew Cleary, Designer – Sydney, NSW
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