Delivering Energy Production and Manufacturing Solutions

The energy industry is changing rapidly.  GoProto ANZ supplies 3D printed prototypes, machined parts and high volume injection mouldings to this industry.

The recent release of HP’s Multi-Jet Fusion Additive Manufacturing technology has seen many renewable energy companies take advantage of the lightweight and strong mechanical properties.  Enabling developers to:

  • Perform true assessments of fit and function
  • Low volume manufacture
  • Pre-production, prior to injection moulded parts.

At GoProto, we’re using our capabilities and capacity to help industry leaders develop and produce energy solutions on-time, without sacrificing their bottom line, increasing the success of their supply chain.

Capabilities to Help You Keep Up with a Changing Industry

From prototype to finished product, we have a manufacturing capability for every stage of the production process.

  • 3D Printing: Multi-jet fusion (MJF), fused deposition modeling (FDM), Metal 3D Printing or SLA.
  • CNC machining and fabrication: Our CNC fabrication tools and cutting equipment use machines to electronically interpret numbers to create your design.
  • Sheet metal: We offer a huge capacity for rapidly made sheet metal parts, weldments and assemblies for your energy production products.
  • Urethane casting: Before proceeding to injection-moulding, our urethane casting provides functional parts produced in a production-like material quickly and inexpensively.
  • Injection moulding: With access to a wide range of plastic and elastomeric materials, we produce a rapid injection tool or custom injection tool for your needs..

Our solutions are trusted by energy producers and solar power generation equipment manufacturers.


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“Hey Guys, Hope all is well! I just received the sheet metal parts and assembled them onto the prototype it belongs to and it’s perfect! Just wanted to let you know you guys did a great job!” — Daren Northcotte, Design Engineer – Sydney, NSW
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