Manufacture locally for sovereign capability

Having access to local manufacturing facilities to 3D print a spare part to support operational platform will provide the right support for the future battlefield.

Challenge: With the recent disruptions in supply chain caused by COVID-19.  A local protected vehicle program needed brackets urgently to attach hydraulic lines to the firewall.

Solution: GoProto 3D printed 500 complex bracket in glass-filled Nylon to serve as functional parts. Additive manufacturing parts using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion process achieved excellent dimensional accuracy and detail. Isotropic strength in all axis and robust mechanical properties that rival injection moulded properties (superior to existing 3D printing technologies).

Result: In 2 weeks the 500 brackets were printed and the vehicles scheduled to be delivered were on-time.  With no more dependence on overseas supplier.

Given the rapid growth of the 3D printing market.  The development of advanced manufacturing within New Zealand and Australian will help develop more applications.  And accelerate adoption to give soldiers an edge beyond 3D printed weapons.

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