3D Scanning Manufacturing Plant

This represents a major investment into a fully integrated, sustainable, and innovative production process. Our client provided a turnkey solution including design, manufacture and installation.

Accurately design, manufacture and install new pipework whilst minimising disruption to an existing plant whilst undergoing major refurbishment. The facility was undertaking a multimillion dollar upgrade and is a maze of pipes. This required designing new pipe sections over, around and through the spaghetti of pipes. Engineers needed to know where all existing pipes, structures and equipment were located so that the new section wouldn’t interfere with old pipes.

It was vital that the 3D Scanning was detailed and accurate as the existing structure was needed to support the new pipework. We captured data in full colour, this high accuracy pointcloud helped define where pipe runs and structural steel
were located whilst creating the CAD models.

Design and manufacture of the 350Dia stainless steel food grade pipework was done back in the Sydney factory. This eliminated a complete plant shutdown which saved valuable production time. Site visits were reduced, installation time was shortened which meant crane hire time was minimised. The pipework fitted into place and secured with minimal site rework.

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“Hey Guys, Hope all is well! I just received the sheet metal parts and assembled them onto the prototype it belongs to and it’s perfect! Just wanted to let you know you guys did a great job!” — Daren Northcotte, Design Engineer – Sydney, NSW
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