Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

3D Scanning

GoProto’s 3D scanning and manufacturing service enables architects and engineers to quickly make CAD adjusts from 3D scans.  After the on-site data capture is complete, we then process the collected data and prepare it for CAD modeling.

This processing includes aligning individual scans together, trimming away unwanted data, performing quality analysis and quality checking.

Nothing is built to plan and documentation is often dated.  Having accurate information at the start of the design process (as-built drawings), means you eliminate risks and rework and have an accurate record to help clarify project communications and reduce uncertainty with project schedules and costs.

Download – Benefits of a digital twin.

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3D Printing & Contract Manufacturing Service

3D printing is especially useful for scale architecture presentation models. We use a range of in-house 3D printing and finishing technologies to provide you with beautiful architectural models for your presentation meetings.

GoProto also provides plastic and metal parts for prototyping and manufacturing applications.  Our turnkey plastic and metal manufacturing solutions are delivered by our expert team using state- of-the-art technology:

  • CNC machining: CNC machining in plastic and metal parts. We make the entire fabrication process painless for you.
  • Urethane casting: Our urethane casting is fast, producing a production-ready part seamlessly. Parts are inspected and ready to use in your product as a prototype or low-volume production run.
  • Injection moulding: With access to a wide range of plastic and elastomeric materials, we produce a rapid injection tool or custom injection tool for your needs.
  • Sheet metal: Creating accurate sheet metal parts in prototype quantities as low as one or as high as several hundred.
  • 3D printing: This includes multi jet fusion nylon, metal laser sintering (DMLS) and more. Built layer-by-layer, parts created using 3D printing technology are highly accurate with the highest quality.



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“I was wowed by your parts. Gave us a true assessment of our design both in wet and dry scenarios. Look forward to seeing pre-production parts.” — Cathy Hamill, Design Engineer – Newcastle, NSW
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