From Idea to Prototype to Production Case Study

Medical device aiding in the recovery of knee surgery.

Challenge:  Paul Schlumpberger, CEO of Emergent, knew there was a better way to remotely assist his patients after knee surgery.
Mobaflex is a medical device designed to monitor patients during the recovery period while at home.  The medical device undertakes real-time tracking for early detection of infection.  Therefore improving outcomes and greatly reducing re-admittance.

Solution: From Idea to Prototype to Injection Moulding…
Paul was looking for a solution to create a quick and reliable prototype to use for trials.  Speed was of critical importance and Emergent wanted to get things moving.
Paul needed to take a working replica to the 800 hospitals that perform knee replacements.

He also needed a manufacturing supplier that could be as efficient as possible.

Paul selected GoProto to help him determine the best method to develop functional prototypes, injection tooling, and injection moulded parts to fit his team’s specifications.

Result: Why GoProto was the perfect partner for Emergent.
Like many innovators, Paul stated he has always been “hesitant to hand his product and IP over to unproven offshore manufacturers.” GoProto was able to put his fears to rest with assurances that come from decades of hands-on experience.

GoProto also offered Paul a team that could handle all stages of his product development, from prototypes all the way through parts production.
Another significant concern for Paul was communicating progress to his investors.  They understandably wanted to see how their money was being spent.

Once again, GoProto stepped up to provide intricate detail of the project and its progress with ongoing reports, photos, direct communication with engineers and more.

These updates allowed Paul and his team to track progress and also make real-time changes. The high-resolution photos afforded sufficient clarity to make late-process texture and paint adjustments.

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“Hey Guys, Hope all is well! I just received the sheet metal parts and assembled them onto the prototype it belongs to and it’s perfect! Just wanted to let you know you guys did a great job!” — Daren Northcotte, Design Engineer – Sydney, NSW
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