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Why Choose A Contract Manufacturer?

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Why Choose A Contract Manufacturer?


GoProto ANZ is an Australian based manufacturer offering services that streamline each stage of the product development process from prototyping through to tooling and manufacture.

Our in-house 3D scanning and 3D printing facilities allow us to supply high quality digital data, prototypes & production parts. We further fast track the product path-to-market by providing CNC, sheet metal & injection moulding services.

There are a number of reasons businesses turn to a contract manufacturing partner, like GoProto ANZ, because it provides a “single-source” contact for prototyping, machining, moulding & painting.

Key benefits:

1. Save money: You have access to cutting-edge machinery and technology and innovative product solutions in shorter lead times, and it’s all done through one contact who is working to your budget & time line.

2. Managing your scale of production: We specialise in pre-production, low & high part volumes.  We’ll help guide you through the best prototyping & production processes, tooling material, moulding and finishing set-up you need, with scale-up considerations.

3. Quality control: We are committed to comply with ISO 9001:2015 and as part of our tooling & moulding service, customers will receive progress reports & design-for-manufacturing (DFM) assistance.  We’re a company that will safeguard your brands reputation to deliver a top-quality product.

4. Risk management: Outsourcing 3D scanning, prototyping and manufacturing cultivates a leaner philosophy within your manufacturing production pipeline.  They’re specialised roles with increased attention to things like material testing, regulations and compliance.

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