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The Build it Better Voucher Program

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The Build it Better Voucher Program

Subsidise your Prototype or Production project with the Build it Better Voucher Program

Next round finishes 16th December.

The “Build It Better” grant supports Victorian companies wishing to explore additive manufacturing technology.

The types of projects the grant supports are redesigning or re-engineering of existing components for additive manufacturing, or new product development for additive manufacturing applications. The grant will assist businesses to explore the potential of additive manufacturing as an ongoing production tool.

GoProto (ANZ) is a registered prototyping and manufacturing supplier for the Voucher Program, which has assisted many businesses over the last two years.

It’s a dollar for dollar co-matched program, with AMTIL subsidising up $20k of your eligible prototyping and manufacturing expenses (exclusive of GST). This is 50% of all eligible costs for a project up to $40,000.

The Build It Better Voucher is awarded through a competitive, rounds-based process.

To find out more contact John Croft at AMTIL, who will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Tel:+61 (0)3 9800 3666