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New High Temp Material

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New High Temp Material


Figure 4® High Temp 150°C FR Black is a rigid, flame-retardant black material that can be used for production parts requiring UL94 V0 rating as well as FAR 25.853 and 23.853 capability. It provides long-term environmental stability with an injection moulded-like surface quality.

This material is recommended for defence, aerospace, consumer, and transportation applications that require performance at high temperatures like brackets, covers, and circuit board housings and covers.

Figure 4 High Temp is tested to 8 years of indoor and 1.5 years outdoor mechanical performance per ASTM D4329 and ASTM G194 methods, ensuring that printed parts remain functional and stable for long periods in real-world conditions.


• Printed circuit board covers
• Electrical and under-hood housings requiring UL94 V0 rating
• Rigid covers, hangers, and brackets
• Small FAR 25/23.853 in-cabin parts
• Flame retardant parts for trains and buses


• Self-extinguishing, flame-retardant material
• High heat deflection temperature for demanding applications
• Excellent surface quality, accuracy & repeatability
• Capable of plating and painting


• Passes UL94 V0 test standards @ 2 mm and 3 mm thickness
• Passes FAR Part 25.853 @ 12-second vertical burn and HB testing @ 3 mm thickness
• Passes FAR Part 23.853 @ 12-second vertical burn and HB testing @ 3 mm thickness
• Passes UL 746C GWIT and GWFI @ 2 mm and 3 mm thickness
• >150C @ 0.455 MPa HDT
• 2900 MPa flexural modulus
• Long-term indoor and outdoor environmental stability of mechanical properties