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Freshfiber presents 3D printed Apple Watch bands in three contemporary designs.

The innovative and visually striking watch bands from Freshfiber is made entirely from HP MultiJet Fusion 3D printing technology.  Designed by Matthijs Kok, the range features three different styles using HP nylon material.  Providing flexibility, lightweight, smooth and overall comfort for the user.

Like a phone case, which dresses up your smartphone and sets it apart from those around you.  A watch band for the Apple Watch lends a sense of personality and style to the increasingly popular wearable device.

Thanks to HP MJF 3D printing, designers like Matthijs, are given the freedom to create complex form, whether it’s an organic shape, a latticed form for weight or material savings, a form with elaborate internal passages, or a single complex form taking the place of what would otherwise be an assembly.

In the past, designers using Additive Manufacturing technology, have been limited by poor surface finish and fine detail reproduction.  HP MJF breaks this set of limitations, providing functional, quality finish end-use parts that are cost competitive with injection moulding for quantities ranging from 100 to 1,000 units or more per year.

Making 3D printing a viable option for valued individualisation and low volume manufacturing.