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Atom Industries – Leaf Blower

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Atom Industries – Leaf Blower

Atom Industries – Leaf Blower

Fit And Function Prototype

Atom Industries is an innovative leader in the development and manufacture of lawn and garden equipment.  Whilst Atom had previously utilised traditional 3D printing technologies, they were keen to use MJF prototypes to trial their commercial grade leaf blower before committing to injection mould tooling.

Multiple MJF prototypes were 3D printed in nylon, enabling Atom to assess fitment and visualise their design. Atom then performed vigorous testing in both wet and dry scenarios to validate their performance criteria.

Atom was pleased with the full functionality MJF prototypes provided, with the parts capable of withstanding operating conditions. The models strength and performance replicated end-use parts and provided Atom with the confidence to move into production.


  • True assessment of fit and function
  • Parts contained equal strength in the Z, X and Y dimensions
  • Reduced prototyping and review process
  • Reduced time-to-market and cost