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AM Hub Voucher Program

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AM Hub Voucher Program


The aim of the AMTIL Voucher Program is to increase the use of additive manufacturing technologies by Victorian businesses.

The types of projects the Program aims to support is the redesign of existing components for additive manufacturing, or new product development using additive manufacturing technology.

GoProto (ANZ) is a registered prototyping and manufacturing supplier for the Voucher Program.  As part of the project expense criteria we’re able to assist you with the redesigning or re-engineering of products for additive manufacturing, prototyping new components, materials advice and testing, or recommendations when selecting suitable additive manufacturing technologies.

The Voucher program is a dollar for dollar co-matched program with AMTIL subsidising up $20k of your eligible prototyping and manufacturing expenses (exclusive of GST). This is 50% of all eligible costs for a project up to $40,000.

The Build It Better Voucher is awarded through a competitive, rounds-based process. Calls for projects will be announced periodically through a three-year funded period.

Contact AM Hub to receive an application or visit their guidelines to see if you’re eligible.