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ADDIT·ION Sports Board Holder: Case Study

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ADDIT·ION Sports Board Holder: Case Study

ADDIT·ION Corporation is a design studio that focuses on providing engineering solutions, designs, and parts specialised for 3D printing.

The team at ADDIT·ION required a sports board holder for their office to store different kinds of boards for various personal sports.

In order to properly store and exhibit all the boards, the company used their product design skills and 3D printing knowledge to develop functional furniture that combines conventional manufacturing techniques in wood-shaping with the manufacturing techniques available in HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

ADDIT·ION Sports Board Holder: Case Study

HP MJF 3D printing achieved a smooth build finish, providing exact fitment with other components.
The parts also contained equal strength in the Z, X and Y dimensions, which traditional 3D printing technologies aren’t capable of achieving.

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