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Acquisition of 3D Systems On-Demand Australian facility.

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Acquisition of 3D Systems On-Demand Australian facility.


GoProto expands their Industry 4.0 presence with the acquisition of 3D Systems Australian facility.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – December 1, 2020 – After receiving the highest ever ranking for an additive manufacturer on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies, GoProto has capitalised on this momentum by expanding even further into the digital manufacturing landscape. By acquiring 3D Systems Australian facility, the largest Digital Manufacturing Service Bureau in the region, as well as APAC-based 3D scanning and digitizing experts WYSIWYG 3D, GoProto has become the largest digital manufacturer in the Australian market.

Further emphasising their global reach, GoProto’s North American facility has also installed two new HP 5210 Multi Jet Fusion printers. Adding these two high-productivity 3D printers to their existing six 4200 MJF printers increases their production capacity at that location by approximately 50%.

About the Acquisitions

As of December 1st, 2020, GoProto has acquired 3D Systems Australian on-demand manufacturing facility, the largest 3D Digital Manufacturer in the APAC region. Located in Melbourne, Australia and commissioned just 2 years ago, the state-of-the-art facility houses a full range of 3D Systems production 3D printers and a highly experienced management and operations team. This pivotal acquisition will accelerate GoProto’s strategy to become the largest Industry 4.0 player in the Australian market. Simon Marriott, Director at GoProto (ANZ) Pty Ltd. says:

 “This acquisition is a significant leap forward in our growth plans for the region with an experienced management team that pioneered the introduction of 3D printing into APAC. The benefits to our manufacturing customers will be significant as they transition to Industry 4.0 and seek to build agile supply chains that are resilient to global influences.”

Earlier in November, GoProto also acquired WYSIWYG 3D to create a unified laser scanning and 3D entity focused on expansion in the digital manufacturing space. WYSIWYG 3D has been providing 3D scanning services since 2003 and will continue to provide the same quality laser scanning, photogrammetry and 3D CAD modelling service under the GoProto banner in Sydney. Shane Rolton, Managing Director at WYSIWYG 3D says:

“We’ve already been working on a number of projects with GoProto. Combining our expertise and resources shortens the time lag between scan data and production, putting ourselves exactly where our customers need us.”

By adding this expertise to GoProto’s already expansive service portfolio, they enable a streamlined solution for every stage of the product development lifecycle, open up new opportunities for their combined customer base, and create a firm foundation for further expansion as an Industry 4.0 leader.


About the new HP 5210 Installations

With the installation of two new HP 5210 Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers at the San Diego, California manufacturing facility, GoProto increases the MJF install base at this location from six HP 4200 MJF printers to a total of eight. And with the HP 5210’s capable of 150% the output of a single 4200 printer, this increases production capacity at this site by approximately 50%. With this, they’ve also upped their build units from 30 to 34, ensuring 24/7 production capability on all eight MultiJet 3D printers.

Above: The 2 new HP 5210 Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers [white] at GoProto’s San Diego, CA location (existing 6 HP 4200 MJF printers are in the background [black]).

This increased production capacity demonstrates GoProto’s drive to being a leader in the digital manufacturing space. And, with expanding facilities and capabilities within both Australia as well as North America, a commitment to the benefits of distributed manufacturing and Industry 4.0 principles.

Jesse Lea, President & CEO at GoProto says:

“The current global supply chain structure has shifted during the pandemic. Companies are looking to minimise their risk in procuring production parts.  With our business model focusing on Industry 4.0 principles, expansion of capacities for domestic rapid manufacturing with the latest technologies and materials and the complete end-to-end service model, GoProto is ideally situated to help our customers with assurance of supply.”