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3D Printed Parts for Motor Rally

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3D Printed Parts for Motor Rally

3D Printed Parts for Motor Rally

Customisation & Single Run Production

Motor L’Escala is a company that sells cars and motorbikes, and offers various after-sales services.
The Motor L’Escala Racing Team participates in the annual amateur Panda Raid rally competition, a long-distance car race from Madrid to Morocco.
The team wanted to upgrade their car’s engine, but realised that the new engine’s complementary features, didn’t fit as expected under the hood.

By removing the original air filter box and some of the ducts, the team customised the (i.e. filter cover, filter housing and the collector) parts so they could fit into the available space under the hood using HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology.

With the help of HP MJF, the team produced 3D printed parts that offered:

  • Customisation: Freedom of design using performance materials.
  • Air tightness: Isotropic properties and smooth finish provided exact fitment.
  • Performance: The parts performed consistently well in various weather and terrain conditions along the competition route.

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